Friday, August 29, 2008

California State Fair

We went to the state fair last Tuesday but unfortunately I forgot my cam at home and so I wasnt able to take pictures but nevertheless I had great time, especially when I was able to watch Natasha Bedingfield concert, for those who doesnt know her, heres the trivia: the commercial song for Pantene entitled unwritten is one of her hits. She grew up in the southwest of London. Both of Natasha's parents were born in New Zealand giving Natasha a strong identification with New Zealand. It was a great concert and the crowd was really cool. What I also enjoyed more are the foods. I had mexican, asian, american and some others, good thing that I have a tough gastrointestinal system and was able to manage. hehe...

The theme for this year state fair is Going Hollywood, they have some exhibits where they diplayed some costume and some other things that were used in blockbuster movies like Batman, Indiana Jones and a lot more. Im hoping one of this day I get the chance to visit hollywood, we just have to work first on our schedule. To sum up It was a great experience and my very first. I cant wait for another state fair next year and make sure ill bring my camera.

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