Friday, October 10, 2008

Cold weather today

It's a cold weather today, I guess its like 50 F outside. I wasn't able to do my plans for today because I spent the whole afternoon sleeping. Cold weather makes u sleepy and lazy. Now I feel so bad, it only means that I'll be so busy tomorrow with a lot of things. On the other hand I received a good news about my orientation, it's going to be on Wednesday and after that I can start working. I can't wait, it's a new experience for me. I love to learn and explore new things. I'm sure God will always guide me. Anyway it's almost dinner time, I'm making some spaghetti with meat balls tonight, so have a great dinner everyone!

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niar said...

It's not similar with the condition on my town jazzie. You know, I feel hot in every morning and noon, and very cold at night. So it's making me fever now.
I glad to hear that you begin to work. and it makes me rather envy with you. hohoho...
U know I also looking for a job now, Iam fresh graduate.
see u...
have a nice day