Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its starting to cool down!

WHEW! Finally its starting to cool down after like months of flaming hot weather. The Fall season will start on Monday, the 22nd and so today I started checking on our winter clothes since it wont be that long that its goin to be a chillin to death weather for me, my humidifier is all ready, also I just need to switch brand of lotion to prevent severe dry skin. Hopefully it wont be that worse this time, last time I had a lot of sleepless night scratching due to severe dry skin. Aside from preparing all this things for winter, Im also checking some magazines for ideas on Christmas decors. Really Im excited to decorate our home for Christmas but somehow theres a sad feeling coz this will be the first Christmas I'll spend without my family but Im still hoping to have a great Christmas despite the fact that theres no way that I can spend it with them.

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