Thursday, September 11, 2008

You know, you're a grown-up when...

...picking a big fight with your guy at midnight isn't nearly as gratifying as it once was. You want your beauty sleep!

...dropping $50 on your favorite body cream is a reasonable expenditure because you're clear on the meaning of "occasional splurge".

...just thinking about the most beloved candy of your childhood makes your teeth hurt. much at it breaks your heart, you steel yourself, stand back, and allow your children to: struggle in sports; sobe when they dont get invited to the slumber party; and receive a lousy grade when they don't turn their social studies assignments on time. realize with, it must be said, a touch of horror, that routines are, in fact, comforting start exercising and watching your weight not only to fit into a size (your desire number) pair of jeans but also because it feels pretty great to take care of yourself.

...even though you don't do hospital visits, his and her bridal showers, or funerals, you go on anyway because it means a lot to someone else that you are there. finally embrace the value of a slip.