Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Career in Nursing

According to the Department of Labor (US), careers in nursing are skyrocketing, even with a recession looming. In fact, health care careers, including nursing, are some of the most "recession-proof" careers. With a nursing degree you will have the skills to participate in the fastest growing occupation in the world. Advancement opportunities are strong in nursing, especially with increased education and experience. Nursing degree holders can expect to make, on average, between $48,000 and $80,000 with great benefits, stability and plentiful opportunities for advancement. A good opportunity for me since I completed a degree in Nursing back in the Philippines, I also carries a license from my country. This is not just a great news for me but also for those who are pursuing career in nursing. Now Im working on my licensure exam here in the US, which I really hope that it wont take long time before I'll get my eligibility. Im crossing my fingers, hoping that I'll pass the exam and start my career in Nursing.

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